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Here they come…

Students arrive on Monday for me. Sixth-graders are doing their transition day tomorrow, so it buys me a little time to get my plans together for the week.

I adore working with my seventh-grade teaching teammates. We talked for a bit today about our first unit of the year, and they really challenged me with some fresh ideas about how to do things a bit differently.  We brainstormed some ways to have students develop their own definition of similar figures and the geometric properties of similarity, through inquiry.  Very cool stuff.

I also have found that our new standards are a bit difficult to decipher. I keep reading more into them than is possibly there, or am I?

Our department has decided to do a book study on the book I mentioned earlier in my blog, which I’m very happy about. I want to get feedback on what I’m doing to either support or sabotage students’ mathematical thinking, and I hope to see what my colleagues are doing in that area.

Most of all I’m excited to work with the kids again.  We’re riding a really positive wave from last year, and I enjoy seeing their smiles and hearing their funny stories.  I hope it’s a good year.


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